Intelligent payments group wins trade award for revolutionary payment processing

Financial-i, the leading global transaction banking publication, has awarded Intelligent Payments their ‘Leaders in Innovation’ 2011 Award for payment processing.


Intelligent Payments has revolutionised payment processing through its highly-sophisticated analytical software, which improves the processing of payments to enable merchants to benefit from least cost routing, fraud reduction, KYC optimization and   ultimately find the most cost efficient payment route. This is achieved by introducing choice and control into a merchants global payment infrastructure, offering more than 200 different payment types through 188 countries. At the same time, Intelligent Payments specialises in Fraud analytics to deliver operational and technical efficiencies through its second-generation global payment exchange, gateway services and management system.


Joyce Newman, Group CEO of Intelligent Payments Group said:


“The team has been working tirelessly to provide our current and future clients with a payment solution that challenges totally the way things are currently done. Nothing like this exists in the market place.  It empowers the merchant, combats fraud and elevates the way online payments are processed to the next level. All in all, the customer will have a far better experience.”

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