Insurance should cover riot damages says Swinton

Householders and business owners who have suffered damages due to the UK riots should be covered by their insurance policies, according to high street insurance retailer.  Swinton Insurance is urging householders and business owners whose property has been damaged by the violence, to contact their insurance broker to check if they are covered under their policy, as riots continue to spread through London, with the violence spreading outside of the capital to Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester city centre and Salford.

Shops and businesses have had their windows smashed and their contents looted, whilst homes have been badly damaged.   According to Swinton Insurance, most home and commercial insurance policies should cover people for looting, fire or other structural damage. Accommodation costs for those unable to stay in their homes could also be provided under some policies.

Steve Chelton, Swinton Group Claims Manager, said: “It is essential that householders and business owners contact their insurance broker for immediate help and to find out what they are covered for. Most insurance providers operate a 24-hour claims line and can help people arrange for emergency repairs and the damage to be inspected as quickly as possible.”

“Most commercial insurance policies should cover businesses for damage to their premises, including interruptions to business caused by the riots and those whose trade is affected by the aftermath. Some policies may even cover businesses which are not damaged, but whose trade has been affected as a result of the violence.

“Here at Swinton we are doing all we can to help people during this very difficult time. With this in mind, we are urging people to contact their local Swinton branch in the first instance, so that we can help them process their claim in the most efficient way.”


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