Industry Expert to Provide Growth in a Tough Economic Climate

Ex-Dragon James Caan joins forces with retail expert Ranjit Singh with a vision to encourage growth in the struggling retail sector within the UK.


Mr Singh has been announced as the newest partner at HB Prime Advantage; James Caan’s  business growth advisory division, which assists business owners in rapidly growing and monetising the value of their companies before preparing for a strategic exit. The firm embraces Singh’s success as a CEO at an international level, and recognises his twenty plus years of experience in the retail, franchise, branding and marketing fields as a vital asset to the company’s board of industry experts.


By welcoming a partner with such a strong retail background, which spans a wide range of areas including beauty, food, soft drinks & apparel, HB Prime Advantage is hoping to make a positive contribution to support growth in the retail and food industry to help stimulate economic recovery in the UK.


Singh has proved himself to be successful in creating company growth and increasing sales at a phenomenal rate. During his four year period at The Body Shop International he increased retail sales from $10M to over $100M and increased outlets from 10 to a staggering 150. More recently he returned from the USA to the UK to restructure the luxury retailer Coco-de-Mer and successfully negotiated the sale to a leading online retailer.  With reports that E-Commerce is driving year on year growth in Retail, Ranjit is a firm believer in a highly integrated e-commerce (including mobile devices) and high street presence as a key future trend.


Singh: “I’m delighted to be joining HB Prime Advantage and their mission to help grow SMEs.  I grew up in my father’s corner shop so I have retail in my bones and an appreciation of the challenges of running a business.  Moreover, the powerful network of partners assembled by James Caan will greatly enhance my effectiveness in building and growing client companies”.


James and Ranjit are currently enlisting small and medium sized enterprises, specifically those with a desire for growth and development in the British retail sector.

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