Iconeme launches VMBeacon, enabling customers to receive information from store mannequins

Iconeme, a new technology and design company, is today launching VMBeacon, a product which enables store mannequins to transmit information to shoppers about the clothes on display. This is the first time that beacon technology has been designed specifically for visual merchandising, enabling retailers to communicate with customers via their smartphones as they browse items on display in shop windows and in store.


A VMBeacon device is installed directly into each mannequin or visual merchandising product and transmits information that has been programmed by the retailer via a secure web-portal. When a customer with an enabled smartphone app is within a 100m range of the VMBeacon, they will receive an automatic alert about the content they can access. This includes details about the clothes and accessories displayed, such as price and links to purchase the items directly from the retailer’s website, or where they can be found within the store. The customer can also see more detailed photos and descriptions of the products plus save looks for later, share with friends and access additional offers and rewards.


The technology allows retailers to engage customers with a new digital experience when shopping in, or passing by, a store. Even if an outlet is closed, the VMBeacon operates 24 hours a day, meaning the shop window becomes a constant interactive selling point. The retailer is in complete control and can choose what information is made available, and also has access to analytic reports to gain customer insight and help increase sales. Reporting can include shopper details, such as age and gender, their location, what outfit was viewed and whether a purchase was made online. Shoppers have the ability to choose which of their details are made available, via their own privacy settings.


“A recent Google report revealed that 84% of smartphone shoppers use their devices to help them browse while in a store,” said Jonathan Berlin, Co-founder of Iconeme. “The technology we have developed aims to tap into this trend and offers real value to both retailers and consumers. The Internet of Things and beacon technology has been gaining momentum over the last few years but we are yet to see its practical and widespread use in retail outlets. Installing this technology in mannequins ensures it occupies a prime location and an ideal focus-point for shoppers, whether they are in the store itself or just passing by the window.”


Established in 2013, Iconeme offers real-world solutions to technical and practical problems. The Iconeme team are entrepreneurs Jonathan Berlin and Adrian Coe, who together have over 50 years’ experience in the retail industry. Jonathan is also Managing Director and Adrian is Creative Director of Universal Display, a leading manufacturer of mannequins and retail display products. At Universal Display, the team already work with a number of top high street retailers, including BHS, Monsoon, Harvey Nichols and Arcadia Group.


The VMBeacon is CE & FCC approved and transmits 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has been designed with security in mind and is housed within the mannequin or store display, protecting it from damage or theft. The beacon is maintenance free and has a battery life of up to three years, after which it can be replaced. The information transmitted via the VMBeacon is also 100% safe, as it’s not contained on the device itself but on a cloud-based secure web portal. The Iconeme app will be available to download for both iOS and Android in the near future. Customers will either be able to use the Iconeme app itself or the technology can be integrated into a retailer’s existing app.

To find out more, just visit: www.iconeme.com

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