HMF accessorises clothing company’s building

Internet fulfilment company Alex and Alexa recently expanded their distribution centre with the useful assistance of Hampshire Mezzanine Floors.


Alex and Alexa contacted HMF explaining that they wanted to increase the capacity of the building and the number of pick face lines to accomodate the growth of the business. Having done a complete survey of their existing distribution centre, HMF provided layouts for the proposed new storage equipment configuration.


The plan included the relocation of some product lines including toys and accessories. The addition of new garment hanging rails enabled the safe storage of hanging clothing as an integral part of the storage equipment design.


HMF, a Dexion Storage Centre based in Southampton, specified Dexion Hi280 adjustable shelving. This shelving was three metres high and included mesh backs and sides to all exposed edges of the shelving.


Safety conscious HMF fitted the mesh to ensure the product was safely stored and reduced the risk of any items falling out of the captive locations whilst still allowing good air flow and heat movement within the warehouse. The mesh also allowed natural daylight to permeate through the building.


With HMF having fitted over 1.5 miles of shelving, the new distribution centre has an increase of over 100% of pick locations and capacity. It has enhanced the filling efficiency of the stock located within a higher density arrangement plan than previously configured thereby reducing travel distances and picking times.


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