Greek shopping mall imports Unibox retail display units

New-style Frameless Counter Kiosks, bespoke Counter Kiosks and Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs) from Unibox, have been installed into a newly opened shopping mall in Athens, Greece. Unibox tailored the design and manufacturing of a jewellery island kiosk, flower and drinks kiosks, and several RMU’s to reflect the overall aesthetic of the River West Mall in Aegaleo.

An island formation of Unibox’s Frameless Counter Kiosk showcase units, which utilise extruded aluminum profiles and printed glass panels to create attractive display cases without visible frames, has taken centre stage as a jewellery island in a mall walkway. The stylish display incorporates LED lighting, from sister company Lumenal, to maximise the appearance of merchandise on display.

Bespoke Counter Kiosks, constructed from Unibox Modular Aluminum profiles and laminated panels, have been installed in the shopping centre to support florists and drinks retailers.  In addition, several contemporary-designed RMUs, have been imported to the mall for use by independent retailers.

River West Mall’s Head of Operations, Kelvin Crutchlow, said: “When looking at new retail display solutions for our open spaces with the centre, we were clear with our brief. We wanted a high quality product, which would fit in with the ethos of the carefully planned and designed shopping centre.  We are extremely happy with the solutions Unibox provided us.”

Unibox Managing Director, Andy Ferns, said: “In a large, purpose-designed retail environment, like the River West Mall, it is essential that RMUs and kiosks are versatile, safe and durable to meet the needs of the shopping centre, yet practical and attractive in design to meet the needs of the retailer. Bespoke Unibox Retail Merchandising Units and Counter Kiosks provide the ideal display solution.”

Many shopping centres across the UK use Unibox retail merchandising solutions to host independent retailers, who typically sell products including jewellery, mobile phone accessories and cosmetics. However, as a supplier and manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience, Unibox can also supply customers across Europe, like the River West Mall in Athens and City Con in Helskinki, with bespoke solutions.

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