Golden Partnership – Customers set to cash in with Argos deal

Precious metal recycling firm Hatton Garden Metals has joined forces with high street store Argos to offer a brand new gold trading deal to customers.

The partnership means customers can trade their unwanted gold and other precious metals for 10% more than its value if they opt for Argos & Homebase vouchers rather than cash.

This deal is the first time in the UK that customers will be paid in excess of the gold bullion price for their scrap gold and it won’t be a one off voucher. Customers will be given a card that can be topped up in store and used again and again, as well as being given the ability to earn further rewards in the future.

Matt Culling, Director of Hatton Garden Metals, said: “We provide a way for people to cash in unwanted gold and precious metals. Being able to do this in conjunction with a high street store and give customers 10% more than the value of their scrap gold will be a great bonus for many families in the run up to Christmas.

“The process is really easy. A customer just goes onto our website, registers the gold they want to trade, specifies how they would like to be paid and sends it to us in the post with a reference number generated from the site. We will distribute their Argos & Homebase Gold Rewards card in the post and credit the value of the gold, with the extra 10%, to their online account. When the card arrives the customer can log onto the site and transfer their credit to the card. The whole process only takes a couple of days.

“Customers can carry on earning if they recommend friends and family to use our service. We will make reward payments to their cards every time they make a referral.

“At Hatton Garden Metals we offer a simple, fast and effective system that has helped us to deliver a superior service and become a highly trusted company within the gold recycling industry. This is a fantastic new way for customers to shop at Argos & Homebase stores, and we are extremely excited about the partnership,” he added.

“We have built an outstanding reputation in recycling precious metals by giving high market prices and speedy payments to our customers. We are currently rated number one by Martin Lewis’ and number one of around 50 scrap metal buyers on We hope that our partnership with Argos will help to further build our reputation for the great service we provide,” he added.

Danny Clenaghan, Managing Director of Argos for Business, said he was delighted to be working with the leader in this market and to be part of a scheme which delivers higher value to consumers.

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