Apparel retailer Forever 21 recently launched new beauty boutique, Riley Rose, with stores opening in Glendale Galleria shopping center in Los Angeles, The Shops at La Cantera, San Antonio and six more locations across the US. Design experts FutureBrand UXUS have created a unique and playful retail experience across the stores. Riley Rose is a one-stop shop, where customers can discover, play and explore cutting-edge products and trends within a unique store experience. The boutiques are a true lifestyle destination, featuring beauty essentials, interiors and accessories.

Aimed at an explorative customer who wants to discover innovative products and experiences, FutureBrand UXUS have created a playground for beauty enthusiasts with the Riley Rose stores.

The spaces are wholly interactive and offer a contemporary take on beauty retail, with product trial opportunities, shareable moments, unique pop-ups and in-the-know staff on hand. The playful FutureBrand UXUS design offers a warm, contemporary and lively feel to the stores. Bringing the social media experience to brick and mortar, Riley Rose will also collaborate with social media influencer’s all-year round as a part of the stores creative initiatives.

A large part of the design concept employed was a unique ‘zoning strategy’, layered, exploration–basedarrangement that enhances the Riley Rose ‘playground’ offering, where customers can discover innovative products through play. The stores zoning transforms the vast spaces into digestible areas for browsing, chilling and trialing. The stores are a complete walk through experience, starting from the enticing and playful façade, customers can then roam from ‘selfie’ pop-up station, to chic beauty island, and on to a Vanity area, where customers can discover the latest bath and fragrance products.

The bespoke colours and materials chosen for the store’s design are a perfect fit for the female millennial shopper, with soft marbles, rose gold metals and pink tiles, the combination offers a visual wonderland in the playful interior spaces. The contrasting grey concrete and perforated steel accents throughout, add an innovative edge to these softer hues and materials – a visual environment well suited to the explorative and design savvy Riley Rose customer.

The Riley Rose brand will expand in the coming months, with Forever 21 opening eight more stores in 2018. New stores in Pembroke Pines, Columbia, and Minnetonka will be followed by further store openings.

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