ForeSee Issues October Mobile Benchmark

ForeSee, a pioneer in customer experience analytics, has today released its October Mobile Benchmark, a yardstick that companies can use to determine whether the mobile experience they are providing is exceeding or falling short of industry averages and customer expectations.

ForeSee’s Mobile Benchmark for October scores a 67 on the company’s 100-point scale, one point higher than the September benchmark (66) but still firmly below ForeSee’s aggregate benchmark for all websites (71). The Mobile Benchmark, which ForeSee created in February of 2011, includes customer satisfaction scores for mobile apps, mobile-enabled websites, and iPad apps.

Scores for individual mobile-enabled websites and apps included in the benchmark range from a low of 48 to a high of 87, a huge range that reflects a rapidly maturing industry. In fact, leading brands from many industries, including media, retail, financial services, and government are utilising ForeSee’s technology to understand the impact that mobile apps and sites are having on their customers and their brand.

“Mobile is still in its infancy in many ways, so it isn’t really that surprising that satisfaction with mobile sites lags satisfaction with traditional websites,” said Eric Feinberg, director of mobile strategy at ForeSee. “A mobile site can either complement a consumer’s overall brand experience or undermine it. The good news is that companies are really starting to take this seriously as they understand the critical role that customer satisfaction plays in the mobile experience.”

ForeSee’s mobile solution, first beta tested in early 2010 and formally made available to all clients in early 2011, is built upon a scientific and predictive methodology developed at the University of Michigan and employs a random but representative sample of users of any given mobile-enabled website or mobile application. ForeSee collects millions of surveys from mobile users and its analysts transform that data into actionable customer intelligence that clients use to help direct investment and improvement efforts.

“The customer experience is always going to be important, whether you’re talking about a mobile site, app, website, call centre, shop, banking location, or an email newsletter. The number of clients we have measuring mobile apps and websites is growing at a pretty impressive pace, and we’re proud to help them stay ahead of the curve,” said Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee. “Many of the clients who have been measuring their mobile channels with us in the last year have found it has added a valuable dimension to the cross-channel analysis of the customer experience.”

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