FLYVISION leave A1 Media speechless at the VM and Display Show!

After 3 days at the exciting VM and Display Show this week, we couldn’t help but still be talking amoungst ourselves about the amazing FlyVision stand.

FlyVision has been developed to help brands stand out through a unique and innovative display solution. Products seem to defy gravity and appear suspended in midair. This revolutionary product is based on a simple illusion that will stop people in their tracks.

FlyVision offer a fully customised service, where they can create displays in various sizes, styles and materials such as stone, metal or wood. To add further dynamism they are able to rotate “suspended” objects within the display and customise lighting and graphics. Their 3D development team is on hand to provide help and assistance in visualising your project.

We were literally speechless at how great this product really is and we couldn’t resist writing about it on our website.


For more information about this truly inspirational product, please visit the FlyVision website


4 Responses to “FLYVISION leave A1 Media speechless at the VM and Display Show!”

  1. Info says:

    Best booth, best product

  2. Rachel says:

    What a great product, although I still don’t know how it works! 

  3. Jf1231 says:

    Was at the exhibition. This is the future of display advertising!

  4. Gotzyandris says:


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