First UK city to commit to become WorldHost Destination

Worcester has become the first UK destination to declare its commitment to improving customer service.


After an application from Worcester BID, the city was this week named a WorldHost Committed Destination by the National Skills Academy for Retail and People 1st.  This title is a pledge to create a world-class city which people will travel to and talk about. Worcester BID will now work to build a consistent reputation for service by encouraging local businesses to undergo WorldHost customer service training.


The welcome provided by a location’s businesses is the trademark of any destination and is very important to attracting more visitors to an area. Ensuring visitors to Worcester experience outstanding customer service in the city’s local shops, restaurants, cafes and offices contributes to the area’s image and appeal to new and existing customers.


Worcester BID has been already funded mystery shopping assessments in 79 businesses and is offering subsidised WorldHost training to businesses in the city. Among those soon to complete the WorldHost training are CrownGate Shopping Centre and Worcester College of Technology.


Erica Burlace, vice-chairman of Worcester BID and centre manager at CrownGate Shopping Centre, said: “Worcester BID has identified that a mere 170,000 people out of a possible 458,000 people choose Worcester as their primary destination. The city offers all the amenities that people want but they just don’t know it. This perception issue is costing our local economy a potential £1.4 billion in lost consumer spending. WorldHost is a way we can help improve service in the city and draw in more visitors. This is more than just getting the plaque on the wall, this is about customers getting better service and championing our city.”


WorldHost has been tried and tested by one million people worldwide, including 40,000 volunteer and tourism staff who helped make the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010 a success.


Jane Rexworthy, Head of the National Skills Academy for Retail said: “We are delighted to celebrate Worcester as our first WorldHost Committed Destination. This is an important step to building the UK’s reputation for outstanding customer service which is important for our local and global image. We hope to be adding many more towns and cities to the list in the near future.


“Customer service cannot be isolated to an individual business because shoppers do not just visit one shop but a variety. Ensuring that the experience they get is consistent wherever they go is vital to a place’s reputation. Working together is key to creating a friendly and welcoming destination that will help attract new and returning visitors to local businesses.”

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