Fear of cannibalisation stifles adoption of m-commerce

Retailers could be putting potential sales at risk by failing to move with the times and adapt new technology because they fear it could steal valuable sales from an already ailing high street, claims m-commerce experts.

There is no doubt that the speed at which technology is advancing is revolutionizing the customer experience and retailers are feeling the pressure when it comes to releasing their own iPhone App or adding new functions to their ecommerce site. 

However, whilst many are reluctant to take the plunge and invest already tight budgets into new marketing concepts, e-commerce experts at txt2buy believe that those who fail to do so through fear that it could take customers away from their high street stores, could also be putting potential sales at risk.

“Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is fast becoming a hot topic of interest for retailers due to the recent explosion of mobile apps into the market and the extending capability of handsets, but many retailers are reluctant to explore its benefits and would rather let others take the lead and watch from the sidelines before commiting their budgets to it,” explains Gordon Ellis-Brown, marketing and m-commerce expert at txt2buy.

Ellis-Brown says that whilst it can be argued that m-commerce is reducing the need for shopping via a bricks and mortar store, if handled correctly, m-commerce will not cannibalise your existing customer base. 

“Embracing the potential of m-commerce will help create a truly multi-channel strategy which will engage a far wider spectrum of customers than ever before and give you a platform to reach out to them, wherever and whenever they want to access and purchase your products or services. The answer lies in simplifying, not complicating, your marketing strategy and making sure m-commerce is relevant and aligned to support your objectives,” adds Ellis-Brown.


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