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Lloyds Pharmacy have recently insheakth dwsk healkthytalled Protouch’s Xen X5 kiosk solutions into nine of their premium stores.


The Touchscreen Health Kiosks from Protouch have proven very popular with Lloyds customers. The data collected has demonstrated a high level of interaction with the kiosks and particular features such as product scanning.

The interactive kiosks have given customers freedom to browse their full product range, place orders and make card payments. Customers are able to scan products, find further information and watch step by step videos of how to use them. With gained access to information, Lloyds’ customers are also able to print health advice leaflets from the touch screen units.

Initially the focus was to update their image and improve the way customers access healthcare. Lloyds Pharmacy decided on self‐ service touch screen solutions which proved to be a fast and reliable platform.

Lloyds Pharmacy has transformed access to healthcare in a pharmacy environment. With Protouch’s latest kiosk solutions in place, the success of the deployment is evident and Lloyds Pharmacy are now able to achieve its goal in delivering effective, efficient healthcare services.


Contact Protouch Solutions +44 (0)1276 684400 www.protouch.co.uk

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