eCommera enlists ex-Amazon scientist to make sense of ecommerce data at London event

Most businesses hold an enormous amount of data but it is the ability to interpret such data as information that gives companies competitive advantage.  eCommera, the leading provider of intelligent ecommerce trading solutions is hosting an event entitled ‘Stacking the odds: making sense of online data’ at which retailers will learn how to take the chance out of the trading game and stack the odds favourably by calculating what set of trading actions will maximise profit.

Speakers at the 28 September event include Andreas Wiegend, former chief scientist at Amazon who will discuss the explosion in social data, and how Amazon used Customer2Business (C2B) data to become the world’s pre-eminent online retailer.

The event will also see the launch of eCommera’s ground-breaking analytics tool, Intelligent Trader which aims to provide online retailers with faster decisions, prioritised actions and accelerated growth.  Intelligent Trader uses a patent-pending mathematical model to automatically process data and present a view of trading performance across all aspects of marketing, site, operations and customer activity, enabling a company’s ecommerce operation to compare and act on a common understanding of how all departments are functioning together, to contribute to overall success ─ all available on-demand.

The driving force behind Intelligent Trader is eCommera co-founder, Michael Ross who states, “Intelligent Trader takes the mass of ecommerce data from across a retail organisation and presents a single holistic view to tell retailers ‘What happened?’ ‘Why did that happen?’ and ‘What should I do about it?’”

“As a result, retailers benefit from faster decisions, prioritised actions and accelerated growth.”


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