Driving Towards Lower Emissions

LED luminaires from Reggiani are helping Lotus to minimise the energy consumption and carbon emissions of its new merchandise store and dealership area at the company’s headquarters in Hethel, Norwich.


As Reggiani are the approved lighting supplier for the Lotus Corporate Identity, this initial project also laid the groundwork for a purposeful lighting design strategy that has subsequently been implemented across a number of other Lotus retail outlets.


Group Lotus operates an award-winning sustainability strategy and pays close attention to energy consumption across all areas.  Low energy lighting was therefore a key consideration for the new retail areas.   Lotus had evaluated a number of options and selected Reggiani as its preferred supplier.


The new store at the Lotus headquarters provides a showcase of new Lotus originals merchandise for all visitors and staff, enabling them to purchase from the wide-range of branded goods.  This is the first of a roll-out of shops that will establish the Lotus Originals brand in the fashion and retail markets.


In the merchandise area, Unimosa ceiling-recessed luminaires are used to illuminate the merchandising gondolas, the reception area and customer seating.  These are supplemented by LED Varios track-mounted spotlights illuminating clothing display systems around the perimeter of the sales area.  The Varios fittings are concealed behind a “fin” suspended from the ceiling in front of the displays.


The majority of the luminaires are fitted with 16W LED LUCE light sources, with some additional 26W LED perimeter lighting to raise vertical illuminances.  All of the lamps have a 3000K colour temperature to achieve a warm and welcoming ambience, with high colour rendering (CRI 94).


The average ambient illuminance across the merchandise store is around 400 lux with over 1,000 lux focussed on the merchandise to create a strong contrast and draw the eye to the colourful products on display.


A key feature of the Reggiani luminaires is the IOS interchangeable optics system, which will enable Lotus to easily change the lighting configuration if necessary in the future.  The IOS also provided useful during commissioning, in fine tuning the light distribution to give the desired effect on the merchandise.



The store also features the new dealership environment with the new Lotus Exige being illuminated with ceramic metal halide (CDM) light sources, again using 3000K colour temperature, to around 1,300 lux, creating a very strong visual feature.


In selecting an LED solution, Lotus has achieved a reduction in energy consumption of 50% compared to a traditional metal halide lighting solution.  The Unimosa and Varios luminaires are also included on the Energy Technology List, so that Lotus can claim Enhanced Capital Allowances to maximise the return of its investment.


Lotus will also enjoy the benefits of lower maintenance costs, thanks to the long life of the LED light sources, which are guaranteed for 5.5 years.


Since the project at the headquarters was completed, Reggiani’s LED lighting solutions have also been used at the Lotus store at Norwich Football Club and the Frankfurt and Geneva motor shows.

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