Cybertill Sponsors Independent Retail Month


Cybertill, a leading provider of cloud based EPoS and ecommerce solutions, has signed up to sponsor the Independent Retailer Month 2012 launch Conference, on July 1st at Cranmore Park near Birmingham. Independent Retailer Month is a global “Shop Local” campaign that runs throughout July. In the UK the campaign is led by Clare Rayner, The Retail Champion.


This is the second year that Independent Retailer Month has taken place in the UK. The concept originated in the USA in 2009, but in 2011 it went global. This is the inaugural launch conference, specifically created to provide independent retailers with access to examples of best practice retailing and to gain insights from subject matter experts. “We’re delighted to welcome Cybertill as one of our launch conference sponsors,” commented Clare Rayner. “They work with a wide variety of Independent Retailers in the UK, helping retail business owners and managers to understand their business performance and to control their sales channels more effectively. I am looking forward to their keynote presentation at the launch Conference on 1st July; it will provide valuable insight for independent retailers in terms of the management and organisation of their businesses.”


“It seems that there has been a change in attitude of late by those in Government about protecting and improving local high streets. With Mary Portas’ completing her high street review, commissioned by the Government. It now seems both those in power and consumers realise the importance of their local high streets to their communities and economies. Without them the lifeblood of many areas drains away. Events like Independent Retailer Month help raise the profile of this important cause, but perhaps more importantly it can help change the culture in how we, as a nation, shop. This event not only drives retailers to their local high streets but also offers retailers resources and information on what they can do to help themselves, and has a real community spirit to it. Cybertill is proud to support such a focused event, as many independent retailers benefit from using our cloud based EPoS systems to manage their shops, and ecommerce system for their online stores,” explained Ian Tomlinson, founder and CEO of Cybertill.


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