Cybertill Celebrates Tenth Birthday

Cybertill, who provides web based software applications to retailers, is celebrating its tenth birthday in 2012.


Cybertill was founded in 2002, before the term cloud based technology had been coined, and from its first day Cybertill has provided the world’s first web based EPoS system, as well as ecommerce and mail order solutions and multi-channel systems. As founder and current CEO, Ian Tomlinson, says ‘Cybertill has been in the cloud before most of the industry knew it could rain!’


In 2002 the Cybertill model was termed Application Service Provider (ASP), since then it has been referred to Software as a Service (SaaS) and now cloud computing. The changes in technology in the last ten years have accelerated the adoption of cloud computing, and it is now becoming an accepted and mainstream way of deploying new systems. In 2002 broadband was expensive and the majority of connections were on dial up modems, but since then speeds have increased massively as prices have fallen. Since 2002 Cybertill has continually innovated new solutions and looked for new ways of doing things. For example, Cybertill was the first company to develop ‘partial page requests’ for hosted applications, which are now employed by many websites. This allows only the content that is changing on the application or website to be updated so speeding up the load time for any application, a vital tool for retailers with busy queues!


Cloud computing is a perfect fit for retail as Tomlinson explains. “Cloud computing resolves so many retail headaches. My vision ten years ago was to use the internet to empower retailers and make managing multiple sales channels seamless. With web based software all sales and stock information is in real time across all sales channels for retailers. So stores, websites and mail order depots can work together and fulfil one another’s sales. Again, with hosted or web based retail software, retailers have just one customer file, so all customer history and transactions can be seen by all stores and channels enabling a greater continuity of service. And with all cloud based applications they go wherever you want them to. This makes mobile PoS simple and easy to deploy. These are just some of the benefits cloud brings to retail. Cybertill now supports over 3,500 retail locations in the UK. And our clients vary from high street retailers to single independent stores to national charity retailers to ecommerce businesses. The last ten years have been hugely enjoyable, and flown by, the next ten years promises to be equally as exciting.”


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