Concept store boosts turnover for Bensons for beds

John Evans Interior Architecture & Design Ltd has worked with Bensons for Beds and integrated communications agency, Public, to design a new concept store that transforms the way the retailers’ beds are displayed and boosts turnover.

The team at John Evans Interior Architecture & Design Ltd focused on the concept store’s interior to reflect the high quality of beds and bedroom furniture within the store. Led by managing director, John Evans, the team worked on raising the quality of the interior in which the products are displayed to enhance their perceived value.

“Displaying a great value product in a high quality interior ensures it appears to be even better value to the customer”, explains John Evans. “Display is just one part. We addressed every aspect of the store from initial layout plans, highlighting the way customers walk around and view the store, to lighting and ceilings; every element is designed to ensure the customer feels at ease in store.”

“Our brief to John was to design a concept store that was unique and completely different from the look and feel of the traditional bed retailer,” adds Paul Green, managing director of Public, Bensons for Beds’ strategic and creative agency. “Abandoning their stereotypical bright, industrial lighting and rows and rows of beds, we wanted to create an inspirational, less intimidating store that was in tune with the customer experience.”

“Fundamental to the design was the ‘comfort zone concept’, the focal point of the store. The ‘comfort zone concept’ is all about the customer experience and satisfaction, an area where a range of beds can be tested and customers can choose the one that’s right for them.”

John concludes, “As a result of the store redesign, Bensons for Beds have recorded an increase in turnover and will be rolling out this concept across their estate over the next few months.”

Alan Williams, Managing Director of Bensons for Beds says, “We are delighted with the new stores and think they look terrific. Our aim is to give our shoppers a better experience and make sure we find them the right bed. The new stores have been designed to give a more pleasurable shopping experience and they are already delivering impressive results. So with the backing of Steinhoff, it is our intention to roll these out across our estate.”

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