Clip Strip System

Strategy Group of Nelson, Lancashire, has become the first UK company to install Ishida’s new Flexible Strip-Pack Applicator (F-SPA), seen as the streamline solution for hanging products in stores.

Ishida’s UK distributor, clip strip specialist Index, supplied the system to Strategy Group. Index says that Hang-Strips™ are a great format for impulse purchases and because they do not take up shelf space, provide an excellent opportunity for a product to gain a first retail listing. They can also be used for special promotions or placed strategically next to complementary items in any part of the store, for example snacks by the beer section. Such benefits, says Index, mean that a correctly merchandised strip can deliver up to 30 per cent increase in sales compared with shelf display.

Strategy Group is using the system to expand operations, increase business and pursue opportunities in new market sectors, and says it has made ‘an immediate impact’ on its business. The automatic clip strip solution provides effective merchandising for retail outlets, while offering significant cost savings compared to hand loaded alternatives.

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