Charity publishes guidance on how to cope with riot aftermath

The recent UK riots have led to a direct and heavy upturn in calls to the Retail Trust Helpline 0808 801 0808 from employees, shopkeepers and managers unsure how to deal with the emotional aftermath.

Practical issues around damage, looting and store protection may be to the fore of the news, but the human capital cost of upset for staff and the people who own or work in the affected stores can be a core element of hidden impact.

With calls to the retail charity’s Helpline up fourfold, and tenfold to the website, Retail Trust has published guidance on the website on how to deal with serious incidents on a people impact level whether employee, manager, store owner or employer.

Retail Trust CEO Nigel J L Rothband explains “We have had calls from people who have been directly affected, from families worried about the security of their relatives, and from individuals worried about the spread of the riots to the parts of town in which they work, their personal security, their jobs and what might happen next.

“The effect of such extreme impact on their workplaces can be in the same traumatic vein as suffering a robbery or violence in store, invading as such activity does, the personal space in which people are used to feeling safe and comfortable.

“We are here to help all those affected directly or indirectly by the riots, and our advice is based on our track record as a charity in delivering an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for large and medium sized retailers. EAPs cover the counselling side of HR support for employees who have concerns and needs above and beyond the usual remit of HR teams.”

The Retail Trust Helpline is free, confidential and independent. Freephone 0808 801 0808, or people can Text ‘Helpline’ to 88010, or email


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