Channel Intelligence Expands Where-to-Buy Service

Channel Intelligence (CI) announced today that it is expanding its Where-To-Buy service to help brands and their agencies turn every digital touch point into a buying moment for consumers. CI Where-to-Buy can now drive sales to retailers by providing a clear path to purchase in a variety of online venues, including Facebook, Twitter, display ads, e-mail and on websites. The accompanying analytics from CI provide measurable ROI for every marketing investment.
Manufacturers already use CI Where-to-Buy buttons to link customers from product pages directly to retailer buying pages. With the expansion of Where-to-Buy, CI will install and manage that same functionality wherever buying moments occur. Websites, display ads, Facebook pages, Tweets, QR codes, e-mail and blogs are a few of the many touch points that can be equipped with Where-to-Buy buttons.

“The same unified product catalog that allows CI to excel in product search and shopping engines for our clients is at the heart of our unique superiority in Where-To-Buy,” said CI CEO Rob Wight. “No other company in the world does Where-To-Buy like CI. This is much more than a link. We already drive billions of dollars in sales for our clients, including some of the world’s largest manufacturers, retailers and agencies. Their online advertising programs will deliver even more stellar results with this next generation of Where-to-Buy.”

Wight said a CI Where-to-Buy button allows a consumer to go straight from an online ad to an online retailer where they can buy the specific product advertised, without getting lost in search engines or other websites.

“There are an endless number of places an advertiser can add these buttons to ensure not a single buying moment is missed,” said Wight. “Leading manufacturers are beginning to realize this. Yet some lag behind, still investing billions of dollars in online marketing and social media without including a way to monetize those digital touch points. Every brand or marketing manager should see the benefit of including Where-to-Buy in every single digital touch point.”

According to Wight, the benefits of an expanded Where-to-Buy program extend beyond the manufacturers who implement the buttons.

“As retailers encourage more vendors to adopt the broad-based CI Where-To-Buy program, the retailers receive far more well-qualified leads – and sales skyrocket,” said Wight. “Now they can get leads directly from Facebook, display advertising and other digital touch points.”

CI Where-to-Buy technology provides near real-time data on prospects and conversions. The company says clients are able to measure and report on ROI for every digital touch point on a daily basis.


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