Caddie® creates Wind, the next generation trolley

Creator of international standards since 1957, Caddie® is reaffirming its unique and distinctive role in the provision of sales outlet equipment in 2011 with the launch of WIND, a major innovation that revolutionises our experience of in-store shopping! Put into practice in a worldwide preview last August, the whole range received the Janus Industry Award last March, which rewards products that contribute a use value to the user. 60 years after the self-service trolley was created, Caddie® is reinventing it!


Inspired by a blank drawing board, Caddie® created WIND, a new, smarter, interactive and effective goods transport interface that makes shopping fun by giving the customer greater control over their shopping experience.

Designed as both a harmonious and ground-breaking line, the WIND range comes in 3 models to satisfy the needs of the different store formats. More practical, it is designed for transporting personal shopping bags that are held open on the cradles to assist packing. In store, thanks to the pre-sorting of the items in the bags, the WIND trolleys save time for the customer when passing through the check-out. Ergonomic, the lateral removal of the bags reduces handling by eliminating the need for any lifting effort. It is easy to put the bags on the check-out for the effortless unpacking of items and a simultaneous check out control. The transfer of bags to the customer’s car and the putting away of items are optimised to extend the comfort of the shopping experience to the customer’s home.


Silent, lighter and benefitting from an impeccable ergonomic design, the WIND trolleys are enriched with intuitive and user-friendly equipment to make shopping more efficient and more fun. An innovative control panel with integrated front panel for a comfortable grip. A child seat, a shopping list holder, a clothes hanger holder and a cup holder are also included. The trolley also offers further clever storage spaces for bulky items, as well as a compartment for fragile items, and an isothermal bag, reaching a 222L capacity in its Large version (compatible 5 bags) and 142L in its Medium version (3 bags). Compatible with both traditional check-outs and self-scanning, WIND offers an optional scanner holder built into the front panel.


Devised to enrich the purchasing experience, WIND embodies a new stage in the Store-Customer relationship, by incorporating an interactive and user-friendly dimension that is far from the fixed and rigid constraints of traditional trolleys.

Particularly innovative, a touch screen can be integrated into the front panel, allowing customers to record and update a shopping list and geolocate products in the store. This new interactivity serves the store’s performance by allowing brands to relay promotions and optimise infrastructure costs (heating, lighting control etc.) according to customer attendance statistics.

To stand out from the competition, the WIND range assures maximum visibility of the point of sale thanks to the large communication surfaces to reflect the store’s identity or promote a product: the trolley bags, front nose and customisable control panel.


Deployed since September in the west of France, the WIND solution satisfies a 360° vision of all the Distribution stores’ needs: from internal handling to storage, from store room to shelves, from sales outlets to homes. In its Small version it is based on urban fashion in the form of the Caddie® buggy, compatible with a WIND bag, to satisfy the needs of city store customers.



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