Beales puts data to work with K3 Retail

Beales, a pioneer in department store retailing and famous for its customer service, has almost tripled its trading base with the recent acquisition of the Anglia Co-op’s 19 Westgate department stores, growth that will be supported  by its recent adoption of Business Intelligence (BI) and loss prevention solutions from K3 Retail.

With trading space now at over one million square feet, Beales is relying on K3’s BI and loss prevention solutions to help the retailer to manage its larger business. Data captured from stores and on line will give Beales greater visibility across its entire operation, detailed information of stock and sales, the ability to make more informed decision-making, and insight into what makes the business successful.

Ken Owst, Finance Director at Beales, said, “Beales has grown dramatically with the recent acquisition so it will be critical for us to have tools that enable us to view our trading and operational data to support the decisions we make.”

Beales is also demonstrating its strong management capabilities by developing a loss prevention culture in a difficult trading market – when there is added pressure on retailers’ margins – IT takes a vital role in addressing the three major areas of loss; customer theft, administrative error and internal theft.

By utilising K3’s loss prevention system, Beales will be able to monitor POS transactions in real time, based on transaction headers and payments, item, store, tender, type, staff and location. It can also identify unusual trading patterns, enabling Beales to detect ‘intelligent’ fraud and to be responsive to new types of theft as they emerge.

Historically, the general problem for loss prevention departments is not a lack of data. In fact, most have too much data and it is the effectiveness of the analysis of it that is the differentiator between those companies that are successfully tackling losses in their organisation and those that are failing. K3’s BI and loss prevention tools will make it possible for Beales to analyse with great effect the mass of data that they hold, by enabling it to find the cause of the potential problem  should one arise.

John Little, Sales Director at K3 Retail, comments: “By selecting K3’s BI and loss prevention technologies, Beales will have considerable scope to improve the performance of its new stores. Beales has been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV since contracting with K3 to implement the contract in 2006 to run its stores and head office operations.  We are now looking to add even further value using our BI and loss prevention system to give Beales greater visibility of its operations than ever before.”


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