Architects take on Fashion: Six unique installations unveiled for the Regent Street Windows Project


The Royal Institute of British Architects this week unveils designs for six unique and captivating installations that will hit the shops on Regent Street this April. They include a giant beach wave curling up through the interior of Esprit, a ‘Magic Garden’ flowing through all 8 windows of the Karen Millen store and a re-creation of New York’s Greene Street architecture in Jack Spade’s London store window.

Now in its fourth year, the Regent Street Windows Project matches a diverse range of cutting edge RIBA architects with international fashion brands to create innovative displays, demonstrating that architects can work at any scale, from something as small as a window to something as large as an entire building. This year six architecture practices will take over six fashion windows on London’s Regent Street to showcase their talents from 15 April – 6 May. 

The architects were asked to work closely with their partner fashion retailer to create an installation that expresses the brands identity with a physical intervention that would engage and surprise the shoppers and passers-by on Regent Street. The installations include: Esprit by naganJohnson 

California Wave :naganJohnson architects are taking Esprit back to the sunny summer of ’68, the year the business was founded in California, with a coastal sand-dune landscape and a dramatic beach wave under which the customers enter the store.

Ferrari by Gensler 

Gensler’s window installation is an organic representation of the Ferrari experience. The physical and emotional manifestations draw on passion, love, tradition and heritage through the representation of a beating heart, whilst the technological prowess, modernity and innovation, are illustrated via a pulsating brain.

Adrenaline and passion scream throughout the installation which will be created via a mix of 3 dimensional organic sculptures and dynamic multimedia and 3D technology designed by Gensler and its partners Icon and George Singer.

Jack Spade by Carl Turner Architects 

Referencing Jack Spade’s New York origins, Carl Turner Architects have sampled architectural details, fragments and facades from Greene Street, Soho, New York to create an architectural ‘collection’ in the London Soho store window, mirroring Jack Spade’s curatorial approach to the Americana displays found inside.

Karen Millen by Mamou-Mani 

‘The Magic Garden’ installation is designed to animate and seamlessly link the full run of 8 windows of the Karen Millen Store with one stunning fluid form. Using digital and physical modelling, the architect will work in collaboration with Karen Millen’s in-house atelier to test and shape the light-diffusing mesh fabric and maximise its structural qualities. The result will demonstrate the precision of both tailoring and architecture and will echo the touch of fun, colour and lightness of the new spring collection.

Moss Bros by AY Architects 

The design is a three-dimensional patterned screen inspired by the herringbone stitch, commonly used as a classic motif of the Moss Bros brand. The translucent layers of the installation create a glowing volume and a play with light and shadows throughout the day and at night.

Topshop by NEON 

The Topshop Colour Wheel by NEON is a reinterpretation of the traditional window mannequin. Its bold, spinning mechanism showcases different outfits over the course of the day, whilst simultaneously allowing the full colour


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