Architects & Designers create intricate floor patterns in an International Digital Campaign by Tarkett

Tarkett has recently launched a digital design campaign to engage architects and designers from across Europe with its new ‘Floor is the new Playground’ concept.

The eight-week campaign, which encouraged users to play with floor patterns and create interesting designs using Tarkett’s Luxury Vinyl Tile (modular vinyl) ranges, eventually evolved into an international game of ‘design tag’. Several architects and designers from across Europe even took the opportunity to collaborate and produce inspiring floor designs, sharing them widely on social media.



Eric Klein Velderman of Cantoo


René Wissink of Atelier Argos


Nicolas Francois of Carré Noir

In the UK, designers were invited to produce an advert with their patterns and Eric Klein Velderman of Cantoo Design created a number of intricate designs and was recently presented with a MacBook Air.

Commenting on the designers’ level of engagement with the campaign, Florian Bougault, Art Director Tarkett Stores & Shops, Hospitality & Leisure, said: “We were really pleased with the number of architects and designers who got involved and had a go at playing with the patterns using the digital tool.”

“There were some really inspiring patterns with architects considering the flooring in different ways and playing with the surfaces – almost a digital playground to create infinite options. One particular design from Eric Klein Velderman was a great example of balancing classic and contemporary looks.”

He adds: “The collaborative aspect of the campaign has also been interesting – it’s been great to see designers collaborating on unique floor designs and sharing the finished look on social media. The response has been fantastic across the European architect and design community with the campaign receiving over 10,000,000 views.”

Eric Klein Velderman of Cantoo Design in the United Kingdom explained why he found the competition engaging: “What started out as a simple design game quickly became much more intricate – and that’s where the fun started. For most designers I’m sure the online tool was a brief distraction – something that on the face of it was fairly simple. I saw the opportunity to use the tool to develop ideas beyond just a quick game, to something that maybe we could use for more serious design development.”

“Pretty soon we also saw it as a chance to collaborate together and we invented a design tag game in which we set each other a partial pattern, which the other then completed. After completing the challenge we then compared each other’s results. It was huge fun and great example of a campaign where manufacturers and designers collaborate on an international scale.”

René Wissink of Atelier Argos in the Netherlands added: “We all thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the tool and found the design process highly engaging. Tools such as these really support design and we had a lot of fun exploring the possibilities to bring flooring to life – it really sparked our imagination.”

Further information on Tarkett’s Floor is the new Playground concept and the wide range of LVT floor designs can be found at The pattern creation tool used for the campaign is available at



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