All that glimmers…

Retail design specialist Sheridan&Co has designed the European travel retail environments to launch Absolut Glimmer, the latest special edition bottle from the vodka brand.

The launch of the crystal glass limited edition bottle coincides with a new marketing initiative from the Absolut brand called ‘Make the Present Exceptional’, which encourages consumers to celebrate and pursue their secret passions.

Sheridan&Co was briefed by Pernod Ricard Travel Retail Europe to design a series of travel retail promotional sites that would showcase the new Glimmer bottle. Sheridan’s creative team took inspiration from Absolut Glimmer’s advertising visuals, showing a stark white environment, and the crystal bottle, using its angles and facets to create the design concept.

For the largest site, at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, the 20sq m area is anchored by a bespoke vinyl flooring, created in-house by Sheridan&Co, featuring Glimmer’s faceted graphics. Two imposing, angular gondolas made from fibreglass with a sprayed matt white finish, again designed and built by Sheridan&Co, display the product.

Lighting is key to the scheme. Bottles are displayed on matt white under-lit shelves. The angular edges of the stands are illuminated by coloured LED lighting. At the base of gondola, a fluorescent luminaire shines through the decorative fretwork to create a light pattern on the floor.

A special edition hand-cut crystal bottle retailing at £800 is displayed on its own in a black display case with lockable door. In a tongue-in-cheek reference to films such as Mission Impossible, Absolut is protecting the bottle with a web of fake security lasers made from electro-luminescent wire. Consumers can enter an on-site competition to win the special edition bottle.

Sheridan&Co is also creating promotional sites for Glimmer which will go into Heathrow T5 and T3 and Frankfurt over the coming weeks.

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