Advertorial Feature: Seasonality – Are you using it to your advantage?


The Gift & Interiors markets are both highly seasonal.  We are encouraged as customers to start a fresh in January; think ‘outside’ and eat al fresco during the summertime; snuggle in Autumn/Winter investing in additional lights, unnecessary candles and luxury throws; think of others at Christmas time with beautiful gifts…….So why in these sectors do we see so much change, energy & life yet within other sector’s, so many static stores that don’t appear to change?

In today’s retail environment, providing good customer service is not enough!

In Europe, we don’t like to talk to people; did you know that 76% of shoppers never speak to a sales assistant when shopping?

Good visual merchandising (i.e. Silent Selling) is now critical to a store’s success!


Visual merchandising is not just about making things look pretty; it’s about making sure that things sell! It impacts on the way a Store is designed; the way a Store is laid out; signage and even the stores Atmospherics.  If used wisely these Visual Touch points can be used to define your style; attracting, exciting and motivating customers not only to stop and shop, but return, and even better tell their friends.  


Seasonality is an integral part of this. Tapping into customer’s needs, wants and desires….

As a Brand you can really connect and resonate with your customers using Seasonality. Inspiring them to buy!


How on season are you?


In 2013, successful retailers will look to ‘Seasonality’ as a BIG opportunity; using it their advantage…. adopting the mind-set of their customer to ensure the right products shine at the right time.


They will not be afraid of using their windows and in-store displays to create real retail theatre; ‘actively pushing’ certain product lines at certain times of the year and inspiring each and every customer to buy.


They will be bold, highly creative – and in doing so they will reap the benefits!



Based in Weir Road, Wimbledon, Vallebona has established itself as one of the top Italian food suppliers in the capital, as well as the market leader in the field of providing artisan Sardinian produce.


Situated in an industrial estate slightly off the beaten track, footfall has been very much dependent on trade walk-ins.  Metamorphosis saw a great short term opportunity in converting trade customers into retail by introducing a theatrical Italian marketplace scene to provide real retail theatre and emulate the birthplace of Vallebona.


During the two day installation the Metamorphosis team restructured the shop floor, adding new fixtures, dressing displays with props and positioning products more commercially.


As a result Vallebona saw an impressive 90% sales increase around Christmas compared to the same period last year.



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*Eve Reid is the Director and Founder of Metamorphosis; A dedicated Independent Retail Consultancy Specialising in Visual Merchandising, Brand Delivery and Retail Performance Improvement.

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