AddPeople introduces online retail ‘video SEO’ service

AddPeople, a digital marketing company, is introducing a specialist video SEO service tailored for online retail websites for prospective customers to view their goods, boost sales and highlight the latest offers.

With a large number of retailers using the internet to promote their wares, it is important to have a high ranking on search engines to gather maximum web traffic and clientele. 83% of UK online shoppers are using search engines to research a product.

AddPeople has created a low cost ‘video SEO’ service to take advantage of changes in the way pages are ranked by search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

So-called ‘blended’ search engine results pages now return video results as well as text and images.

Retail businesses are already reaping the rewards of better rankings in the search engines said Grant Barton, managing director of AddPeople:

“Video SEO is a fast growing tactic to get better rankings for businesses.  Video content is being rewarded by the search engines with higher positions on the results pages. This means that online retailers can be ranked quickly for any keyword phrases they want to target. It’s a cost effective way of driving traffic to a website and growing brand awareness.

“We’ve seen traffic increase to websites ranging from 300 per cent up to 1600 per cent. For small and medium sized businesses it’s a major shift that enables them to rank alongside larger competitors in the same market for a fraction of the cost.”

See for examples of video SEO.



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