Addlux Release New ‘Halo’ Display

Recently introduced into the UK market, the Addlux ‘Halo’ display incorporates a unique pattern to distribute light evenly over the display. Its high light intensity, long life LED strips give a brightness value of over 2000 lumen.


Despite all these innovations, the display is reasonably priced.


If that isn’t enough, the ‘Halo’ display is versatile. It is available single- or double-sided, and can be used suspended, wall-mounted, or free-standing on a mobile base.


Suspended displays are available in standard sizes of A4 to A1. Wall-mounted displays can be custom-made to any shape or size, up to 3m x 1.5m. The size of free-standing displays depends upon the design.


The open cabling of suspended displays is safe as the low voltage power is supplied via insulated cables. The display in the form of paper prints can be easily exchanged via easily opened ‘pockets’. Wall-mounted displays are attached using stand-offs. Addlux provides an installation service.


Niels Fullerton-Batten, MD of Addlux, says ‘ Estate agents, restaurant and shop managers appreciate the Addlux ‘Halo’ Display for its very bright, even illumination, stylish appearance and ease of exchanging displays. Oh yes, and there really is a glowing edge of light around the display, the halo, to add to its already eye-catching appearance. For these reasons I really think the ‘Halo’ Display is top of its class’.

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