Actian Vectorwise Helps Fast Growing U.S. Convenience Store Chain to Save Money and Take Action on Big Data



Actian Corporation (formerly Ingres Corp.), today announced that Sheetz, one of the fastest growing U.S. convenience stores, selected Vectorwise to optimize costs, maintain high quality and ensure a positive customer experience. As data volumes continue to grow, Sheetz has recognized that switching from a more expensive platform to Vectorwise will save them money and present new opportunities to take action on Big Data.


“Data growth is occurring at record rates,” says Jarrid Magalich, Technical Services Manager at Sheetz. “It’s important for Sheetz to have a plan to manage this growth, maintain and improve current service levels – even with a growing user base – and reduce infrastructure costs wherever possible. Based on our experience so far, we are impressed with the results of Vectorwise and plan to investigate additional Actian products like its new Cloud Action Platform and Action Apps.”


Sheetz is a family-owned convenience store chain based in Pennsylvania with more than 406 locations across six states. For more than fifty years, their mission has been to meet the specific needs of customers on the go. Today, life is faster and busier, and customers expect the stores to be there when they are needed the most.


In order to meet that need, Sheetz performs extensive analysis on numerous types of data from multiple sources as a way to optimize costs, maintain high quality, and ensure that the overall experience of their customers is positive and consistent. Actian’s Vectorwise enabled them to now expand that analysis from one year of data to two years (approximately three billion rows), as well as manage its anticipated growth (expected to double over the next two to three years).


The initial project was to convert a character-based reporting application built in ABF (Applications by Forms) to use Vectorwise. The required application changes were minimal and the biggest technical changes related to “singleton inserts” (row at a time data loading) and table storage structure (schema) definitions.  Value is now being delivered using multiple products in the Actian portfolio, and on top of a yearly savings and the record-breaking speed of Vectorwise, the convenience store chain was surprised at the ease with which new Vectorwise functionality was added to their environment.


Vectorwise is one of the most significant database technology innovations of the last twenty years and meets broad business demands to analyze the exploding volumes of data. Since it was launched in June 2010, Vectorwise has successfully achieved performance increases in commercial deployments of 70x that of existing databases by utilizing the latent processing power in modern hardware.


“Sheetz is a long term, valued customer which first adopted the Ingres database in the 1990s and is currently seeing the value of using multiple Actian products,” said Steve Shine, CEO of Actian. “The next step is to supplement existing reports and dashboards using partner business intelligence tools. In the near future, Sheetz will have the opportunity to automate action to improve customer experience using Action Apps.”


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