A Sparkling Refurbishment of Jewellery Store

Float Glass Design created and installed some of the most inspiring aspects of a refurbishment project at an upmarket jeweller store in Sussex


Located in Horsham, Wakefield Jewellers wanted to create a new contemporary area for their branded jewellery and spent eight months redeveloping the rear ancillary space to double the size of their West Street showroom.


The business has remained in the family since 1911, when the current owner’s great grandfather established it on West Street a century ago. The current owners, Dominic and his sister Melanie Wakefield, had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve with the refurbishment so he worked directly with Float Glass Design to create a brief detailing the image, mood and general ambiance required in the store.


“The interior has undergone a number of refurbishments over the years, however for our 100 year anniversary we wanted to create a really unique and inspiring interior, to reflect our range of products and quality of service, ” said Dominic Wakefield.


Float Glass Design was then commissioned to create two large textured glass doors in liquid texture, leading into the privacy area where clients can shop. The doors measured 5sq metres and were surrounded by a wooden frame in oak.


To compliment these doors, Float Glass Design created a large glass curved bar area, also in liquid textured glass. This is the main focal point of the new branded area.


The entire Float Glass Design project took just four weeks from initial brief to completed installation at the West Street store. All glass was 10mm thick.


Dominic said, “Wakefields was really impressed by Float Glass Design. Their vision and professionalism on this project was commendable. We wanted to design something with a ‘wow’ factor for our new retail space and discovered the Float Glass website.  We presented Float Glass with a rough mock-up of our wave bar using bits of card and cocktail sticks and they were was able to develop a quite stunning visual triumph.  We have had such an amazing response from customers about the refurbishment and in particular many compliments on the doors and how fantastic they look. Customers continually ask us where our glass came from.  We look forward to using Float Glass Design again for our future projects.”

Over the past five years, Float Glass Design has etched out a name for itself in the hospitality and retail sector, having also completed some impressive projects for Searcy’s Champagne Bars, working with Interbar, as well as hotels and restaurants throughout the UK, including 5 Star hotel and spa, Runnymeade in Surrey.

Float Glass Design can produce to any shape and size, as well as endless bespoke design and finishing processes. It can also accommodate sockets, computer or phone cables by cutting the glass prior to installation.

The company offers sixteen standard textured glass designs, as well as the ability to create bespoke and embossed patterns. Architects and specifiers can also choose from Float Glass Design’s painted glass range, or the have a colour created to match any colour swatch.

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