A Breath of ‘Fresh Air’ for the London Trade Show Experience

Creative genius Ab Rogers, whose vivid designs and unique concepts can be found throughout the Tate Modern, Pompidou Centre and the Science Museum and industry leader Vanessa Brady will be lending their talents to the much anticipated May Design Series 2013.

     The first of its kind, the May Design Series 2013, London ExCeL, is a new, intelligent, commercially focused event for the A&D and high-end retail community. Ab Rogers has been handpicked to design a totally unique trade show experience, which will take visitors on a journey through a cityscape environment.

     Each of the four shows will form their own district while also working together to create one coherent experience. By playing with offset footprints and exaggerated perspectives and planes, Rogers’ designs will create moments of drama, capturing and engaging the visitor’s attention.

     Rogers comments: “The May Design Series will offer a totally different experience from a typical trade show environment. Our design is inspired by the city, a complex collection of streets and avenues punctuated by landmarks in the form of bars, innovation centres and lecture theatres. These will serve as hubs where visitors can congregate, learn, converse and be inspired by design and all that the May Design Series has to offer. We will exploit the areas above the stand, projecting up into the space and suspending structures within this void. Our ambition is to create a network of generous, sociable and communal spaces to encourage learning, play and rest.”

     President and Founder of the Society of British Interior Design (SBID), Vanessa Brady, has been brought on board for her acute industry knowledge and design expertise. Supported by SBID, The May Design Series was selected by Vanessa for the high calibre of business providers and visitors from around the world the show is guaranteed to attract. Having previously worked together on the shows EcoBuild, Sleep and kbb Birmingham, SBID and the May Design Series form a natural partnership, promoting interior design through both the professional, retail and contract sectors.

     Brady comments; “For decades London has been perceived as the global destination of design. Where other cities have successfully created ‘must attend events’ we have yet to establish a world class show for the design industry. The May Design Series has addressed that gap in the market, creating a platform to showcase design on a world stage as the pinnacle of Britain’s interior design industry. The stage is set and the world will be watching, visiting and buying at this long awaited and much anticipated destination.”

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