Snack Tracks gives United Biscuits a musical boost

30 million packs of United Biscuits savoury snacks are featuring the latest promotion created by Wax Communications which will run throughout 2012.  The agency has partnered with Universal Music Group to give consumers the opportunity to download more than 100, 000 songs from the Universal Music catalogue.  The promotion runs across 30 million handy packs and grab bags of UB’s most popular snacks – Hula Hoops, Mini Cheddars, Nik Naks, Skips, Discos and Wheat Crunchies.


George Johnston of United Biscuits says, “Consumers can now get a FREE music download with every promotional pack they purchase!  With music ranging from pop and R&B to alternative and classical, consumers can use their pack code and time stamp to choose a free MP3 track from over 100,000 songs in the Universal Music catalogue and easily download it to their computer, MP3 player or phone.”


Wax have created a radical pack design incorporating a silver foil flash which will have great stand out on shelf – attracting consumers to the offer and encouraging increased purchase.


Matt Tabb, Wax Communication’s Managing Director says, “Our research showed an identifiable link between people relaxing to music and wanting to snack, so from this insight we were able to create this major piece of activity for UB.  By tying up with Universal Music we are giving consumers access to one of the largest music catalogues, and this really ramps up the value of the promotion.’’

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